the Bucky Four-Eyes Cotillion

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mystery meat challenge

The game is afoot!

This was an innocent enough picture before I took it to Photoshop to produce a fucked-up platter of mystery meat. My challenge to You, Internet as a Whole (all ten of you), is to guess what the subject of the photograph was in its pre-meat life.

The first correct answer will earn its author 10,000 - that's right, ten motherfucking thousand - Brain Points.* Oh, yeah, I know better than to offer Rice-a-Roni (the San Francisco Treat) as a prize; I learned my lesson the hard way.

So, tell me - what the fuck was this before I turned it into mutant meat?

Mystery meat

* Brain Points can be redeemed for bragging rights at any participating Home Depot, Showbiz Pizza, or Victoria's Secret location.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something not about buttsex

Look! There's a blog here! Who'd have thought to look for a blog here?

It's been hectic here since last we met. I finally made full time at work, I'm teaching - those are good things, both of them! The not-so-peachy helping of the pie was the bronchitis that came to stay...and stay...and stay.

There a real post - with actual words and shit - brewing in my head about a badly coiffed customer, but it's not squirting out of me like Wow chips the way my posts used to, so in the meantime, here's a little of what I loosely call "art" (made with cellphone photos in Photoshop).

Pale rider
Pale Rider

It's in the trees - it's coming!
It's in the trees - it's coming!

Beaks ain't cheeks
Beaks Ain't Cheeks

Cracked nipple surprise
Cracked Nipple Surprise