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Monday, April 27, 2009

And it'll be choreographed

Really, the original ad is more overdone and laughable than any parody. If you haven't seen the original "Gathering Storm" flatulence fest, check it out on YouTube.

Now, here's my favorite parody to date:

24 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger Squirl said...

I don't have any experience building umbrellas but, wow, the idea of a giant gay repellent umbrella. What'll they think of next to keep me safe.

7:01 PM, April 27, 2009  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Well, staying away from your queer sister's house would probably be the first step. I mean, what if the gay is contagious?

8:00 PM, April 27, 2009  
Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

"Oh, did somebody already say that? My bad." heh That, and the lip biting thing at the end.

7:01 AM, April 28, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

I already walk around all summer under a black and scary umbrella... Im doing my part.

Except sometimes I kiss girls under that umbrella.. that might be an issue huh.....

1:20 PM, April 28, 2009  
Blogger Kranki said...

"I'm singing in the rain..."

4:45 PM, April 28, 2009  
Blogger eclectic said...

Dearthesweetbabyjeebus, I had never before seen the original, so I clicked your link and could not believe they were serious, but THEY ARE! Good heavens, God for suresies wouldn't want our children to be taught that committed, loving relationships are OK??! Far better that we have abusive, dysfunctional ones so long as opposing genders are involved, because that way we can be sure to drag children into the melee, which of course God approves.


Sorry. I actually AM afraid. Really. No, really, I am. I'd like to order me a giant gay-repellent umbrella before the gay rain hits my children with the notion that love is a good thing, because nothing could scare me more than that. Well, that and choreography.

5:24 PM, April 28, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

6:47 PM, April 28, 2009  
Anonymous Flying Mermaid said...

Of course I had no idea about this, as I haven't seen television in years. I'd try to cough up something funny, but I'm too busy thanking my lucky stars that I ain't got no TV, and cursing you for sharing the shit on yours!

Yikes, fa reals? Like on regular TV, or just on religious channels???

Maybe they can trade their gay neighbors for some swine flu.

3:40 AM, April 29, 2009  
Anonymous Susie said...

Laugh if you want, people. But I am going to be PISSED when those gay people start dropping on my head. What kind of umbrella will be strong enough? Some of them are BIG, those gays. I've already started wearing my Hello, Kitty helmet.

They won't stop until we're all "Gay Married."

I will say, though, that if people are going to come dancing at me, I appreciate that they've made the effort to choreograph the thing. Props for that.

(I think Homeland Security is in charge of the umbrella project.)

8:36 AM, April 29, 2009  
Blogger Forrest Proper said...

I'd seen the Colbert parody, but this is even funnier.

I love George Takei.

I mean, well, you know. in a manly way...

Maybe they'll build the umbrella in Alaska, and then the wind will catch it and blow Sarah Palin out to sea.

9:22 AM, April 29, 2009  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Mr. B - Jane Lynch rocks it wherever she goes.

Jess - That umbrella sounds kinda familiar.. *nudge nudge wink wink*
Oh, and did you notice that Yitzhak from "Hedwig" is in the parody?

Kranki - A gay, dancing rain!

Eclectic - "they" want your children gay married, you know. To dogs. And furniture.

Jess - Jesus, now I'll NEVER sleep.

Mermaid - I have never actually seen that ad on TV, only online, so it's possible that most broadcasters are saying "Thanks but no fucking thanks" to actually airing it.

Susie - Oh, no, the Hello Kitty helmet will only attract them.

Colonel C - I was actually hoping the umbrella would start out over the Westboro Baptist Church...cue the tornadoes. Take those fuckers to OZ!

10:39 AM, April 29, 2009  
Blogger eclectic said...

Susie's comment just made me chortle.

1:37 PM, April 29, 2009  
Anonymous Susie said...

Jim has this on MyFace. I can't quite get over it. I think I'll blog something, too.

2:36 PM, April 29, 2009  
Anonymous Maven said...

Damnnit! I'm prepping myself for the Swine Flu by gorging on bacon to inoculate myself. Lord only knows what I'll have to jam in my mouth to prevent "teh gay."

8:18 PM, April 29, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

Damn! I wish my computer's audio worked!

11:07 PM, May 01, 2009  
Blogger here today, gone tomorrow said...

It's not working!!! Gay friends of mine are getting married in Connecticut this very weekend!! Congratulations, M and S!

11:17 AM, May 03, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

Look, Im demanding a new post or I am going to spam this one with gay dance videos from youtube.

12:22 PM, May 09, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

You did this to yourself.

1:38 PM, May 13, 2009  
Anonymous greatwhitebear said...

okay, third time in three minutes!

6:46 PM, May 13, 2009  
Blogger Squirl said...

Those gay dance videos, noooo! What what?

9:12 PM, May 13, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...


7:33 PM, May 17, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

Queen of the gay club songs.

6:16 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

how much gayer do I have to get?

6:17 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

I have more... LOTS more...

6:21 PM, May 19, 2009  

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