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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Quacktrick's Day!

My mom put this on the back of the letter she sent me this week. I'm not sure why the duck is in the toilet, or why he's celebrating, but I am glad that my sweet mother is really as twisted as the rest of us.

19 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger Joseph said...

oh...I love potty humor. Dr. Johnny Fever had a good one the other day.

6:41 PM, March 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas, poor Bucky. You mom has fallen for the old TV ad:

But then again, I buy stuff I don't need to:

6:56 PM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger Candy said...

Ok who pooped out a quacker and forgot to flush again???

Damn teenagers....

7:44 PM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Greenie - Crap Craft! I laughed myself into tears over that one.

Dazed - Tell me you bought the Turd Twister, please tell me you actually did!

Jessica - No teenagers here. Time to blame the dog.

7:57 PM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger LadyBug said...

A dookie-diving duck. Who'da thunk it?

10:14 PM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger Ern said...

I was going to say something, but it took SOOO LONG for stupid blooger to bring up the comment page that I forgot. I'm sure it was witty though. Duck in a toilet. Heh. Yeah, I can't remember. Oh well.

12:08 AM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Spurious Nurse said...

If this came from your Mom, I think we've all been allowed a glimpse into how you became the Bucky you are today.

Nothing like dropping some ducks off at the pool. Quack-sploosh!

9:54 AM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Plum - My mom is generally the voice of reason and class in my family. I think we may have affected her adversely. I know I've done everything in my power to corrupt her!

Eli-Me - I have to think the beak would make evacuation a teensy bit painful. And let's not even talk about the pointy party hat!

10:34 AM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger greatwhitebear said...

sounds to me like the gang has come up with a new posibility for PhotoThusday....."your most creative dookey"

is anyone else having trouble with blogger comment, or is the evil empire fucking with me for my liberal rants? (yes, Steven Stills was right, paranoia strike deep!)

11:26 AM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Annejelynn said...

damn these comments!!! Blogger has got some issues, man!

wanted to say that the fact your MOM is the one to have used that sticker makes it 1,000 time funnier! I love it~

12:19 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Amanda B. said...

I love that your Mom has a sense of humor. That is very cute.

12:45 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Bear, that's a very sick and wrong idea. Please implement immediately.

Annejelynn and Amanda: Isn't she so cool? The poor woman only wanted us to grow up with a little bit of culture and panache, and instead we've turned her into a Toilet Duck stickerer.
If Squirl wasn't in a meeting all day, I'm sure she'd be in here telling you all how awful I've always been to Mom. And it would all be true!
Let's not even talk about what happened when I learned how to make myself burp on command at age 12...

1:22 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

If only I had a nickel for every time Bucky made my mother hit her fist on the table top and say "Durn it, girl!". You folks don't know the half of it. :-)

But Bucky was so much fun, too. You've seen the paper bag picture. My mother was very tolerant in letting Bucky be creative. Bucky can tell any of those stories whenever she's ready. I'm not telling. In fact, I think I owe her a rum cake for not telling some of the stories about me.

But our mother is a saint. There's a very early post on Bucky's blog about drunkenly throwing up on pillow and presenting it to our mother whilst in the bathroom. Mom took care of it and didn't even say durn it, girl. You gotta love the woman.

I'll quit rambling now.

5:01 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Dang Cold.. said...

Put a hard hat on that ducks head and name him Stuart the plummer duck.

Squirl that really warms the cockles of my heart. Sweet that you guys think of your mom that way. Now whats his about rum cake?


5:08 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

DC, so glad I could be of help to your cockles. Rum cake is usually my Christmas specialty. It's one of Bucky's favorites.

Bucky always stays at my Mom's for a weekend at Christmas. When I bring the rum cake I can see the look on both of their faces. The two of them would like to grab the cake and run to the nearest corner and not share with anyone.

Now that warms the cockles of my heart. That is, if a chick can have cockles.

5:17 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Oh, trust me, Squirl. You have cockels.

5:19 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Thanks, Bucky!

5:22 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Oh, I was supposed to say, but no mussels. Duh, and yesterday was St Patrick's day and all.

5:34 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Oh, and Dang -- the Rum Cake is to die for. I'll get a picture of myself eating some, and you'll know its divinity by the look on my face.

Squirl - I'll be over in an hour. Now get your bitch ass out in the kitchen and make me some rum cake!

7:08 PM, March 18, 2005  

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