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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Almost as scary as my boobs

Just so no one thinks I'm a grump and don't participate in Halloween, I wanted to show you proof that I'm just as festive as the next motherfucker. So here's a sneak preview of my utterly unique costume for this year's costume ball (it's a semi-formal affair, so I will likely be required to wear at least boxer shorts under my chaps). Don't be frightened by the gruesome realism of it. I purposely didn't pose with it on, because that could cause your innards to seize up in premature terror. Let's save the seizin' up for tomorrow night.

Ladies, gentlemen, and my readers, I give you Masquerade 2005, Buck Doggy Dogg style:

My hero
For best effect, click on the photo to go to Flickr, and then view the largest size.

Addemdum which is makin' me laugh my pants wet: somebody just found my site with the search string:
mike reno of loverboy gay or not

41 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger Squirl said...

Bat Boy rides again. I have to check that out in the large version.

4:19 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Amy said...

Yowsers! That mask skirrs me.
But you will look totally great, I am shore.

4:37 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Okay, the Mike Reno was courtesy Bone Machine's comment on your living through the 80s post.

4:40 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger SierraBella said...

There are no eye holes???

You'd better keep your mouth open, 'cause' you don't want your lips showing between those teeth!
*heh heh heh*

4:41 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Kassi Gilbert said...

So, are you saying that you chose this mask becuase keeping your mouth open and your eyes closed would be the most comfortable choice?

5:13 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Mouth open? Eyes shut?

I think I'm somebody's dream date.

5:13 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger eclectic said...

Kassi's cracking me up! Don't forget the tattoo on your forhead, Bucky: "Get yer hands off my ears, I know what I'm doing." That and no teeth? Now we're talking dream date.

5:29 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Susie said...

Caution: Link is SERIOUSLY R-RATED.

That is too scary. I was hoping for the assless chaps and a (much)smaller version of this.

6:06 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger I'm not here. said...

As handler of the precious Halloween candy (we have about 5-6 kiddies at the very most) I'm going to just let the candy speak for itself.
Massive Amounts of Sugar + School night = HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
"Sure, kid...have all the chocolate you want. And here's some for you so you don't get unwired on your way back to the car."
I don't have children. :o)

6:14 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, that skirred me. Does that person have really good hindsight?

6:59 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Susie said...

squirl, I don't think her hindsight is all that good, but she does beep when she backs up.

7:55 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger eclectic said...

Susie, that was sick and wrong. And I laughed for two whole minutes. I keep giggling each time I think of it! *heh*

8:57 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Nilbo said...

With that mouth-hole, you're gonna look like a Bat Boy Blow-up Doll. Which ... with those teeth? No. Just NO.

9:37 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

(the groupie formerly known as Dazed and Confuzed)

I love Bat Boy! He's awesome!

By the way, the whole "Eyes shut, mouth open" thing? That's MY dream date, sho' nuff. As long as I don't have to supply a wad (no pun intended) of 20's.

10:17 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

I concur with nilbo!

10:31 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Susie said...

Amelia Earhart!

10:34 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger greatwhitebear said...

There is never anything scary about boobs. however, the places where they sometimes reside....

10:36 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

Susie must have just read the same thing I did. The only thing scarier than your proposed costume is: AMELIA EARHART

10:38 PM, October 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:56 PM, October 30, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

In the words of the immortal Stuart from MAD TV:
"Stop iiiit!"

7:17 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Oh, and happy Halloween, you cold-hearted bastards.

And to the homely yet deceased Amelia Earh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

7:18 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Effie said...

That mask SCARES me! Bat Boy always has....

Who's Mike Reno?

Are you dressed up in costume at work today? I'm a witch!

9:00 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Nina said...

Bat Boy ~

"Mouth open? Eyes shut?
I think I'm somebody's dream date"

ROFL, I would think so.

9:55 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger LadyBug said...

So...Janet Reno's lover is gay? Is that what you're saying?

10:00 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Susie said...

What? So Janet Reno is really Amelia Earhart? And is going trick-or-treating as a gay Bat Boy with a giant jack-o-lantern butt? What? Is that what you're saying?

10:09 AM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger eclectic said...

Whoa! So Loverboy is actually a cover for Janet to express herself creatively?

10:29 AM, October 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave my sexuality out of it . . . Bones I say, it is all about bones.

1:03 PM, October 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are not funny at all.

Somebody come shave my arms.

1:05 PM, October 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...although I WOULD like to jump Amelia Earhart's bones.

1:10 PM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Annejelynn said...

yikes! me no likey your bat boy!

1:16 PM, October 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Janet, Amelia Earhart is with me!

1:39 PM, October 31, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

Um. Hm. Too much mind-numbing meeting this morning to comprehend anything that's going on here. I'll have to come back later... MUCH later...

2:14 PM, October 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, pretty! I especially like the mouth cut-out, which is nowhere near the size of the actual mouth - ha! Much craziness - hope you had a fab Halloween!

6:40 PM, November 01, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Reno was not exclusively gay. He and the late Scott Smith had a thing going on, but it was mostly initiated by Smith. Paul Dean would try to cool things down between Reno and his erstwhile bassplayer, but as Dean said himself, "they're grown men, let them do with each other as they will". So Canadian.
If anyone doubts the authenticity of these statements, just watch some old Loverboy videos... especially "GANGS IN THE STREETS" Scott Smith practically jumps Reno's bones during the video shoot. It takes a noticeably angy Paul Dean to intervene and tell their bassplayer to back off.
So... as for Mike Reno being gay...I'd say he was more, like, aggressively bi-sexual.

4:31 PM, November 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Reno back then... He took it any way it was cummin... if ya know what I mean.

10:08 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are such faggots!!!!!!!!! Mike Reno is the king James Brown Himself said it was true. Go Flames (that would be Calgary) Assholes.

10:14 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No... You don't know how Reno used to roll. With all that coke, he would fuck anything. Even dudes.

10:19 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there.

10:20 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about! Mike Reno could never be gay. NEVER! He's a pure testosterone soaked babe-machine. Look at his moves in The Kid is Hot Tonite! Does that look gay to you? Maybe if you're gay. It's because he's so hot! (to babes) Even now that he's fat, he still a total stud. Party with him backstage sometime, you'll see. He's makin' love to whoever he pleases. That's the REAL Mike Reno. Quit hating and just put on Big Ones and rock out.

7:42 PM, November 21, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zeke you are clearly retarded , doug would kick yuor ass and and SCOTT would fuck your ass, R.I.P. god rest his popper loving soul, Mike Reno is not gay.....In the field we call him omnisexual. Zeke, dont fuck with me I saw them at a chili cook off in '89

9:51 PM, November 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I found this on th web looking for info about the late Scott Smith of Loverboy. It's just not the same with Spider on bass. Smith was the freaky ballsack of that outfit. As for Reno and Smith being gay, I have to agree with anonymous when he said "Reno is not EXCLUSIVELY gay"... He did just make love to whoever he pleased. He had to do it his way... or no way at all.
That said... Frenette is still a drum virtuoso and is still loking damn good in comparison to the rest of the bloated corpses in Loverboy.
I'll be seeing them this summer though! AND LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

10:05 PM, December 06, 2005  

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