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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Musta been that brain salad surgery

I'm in a complete daze today. Between the weekend at the jazz fest and a 5 a.m. start to my job today, my brain has essentially split in half, and each side is rotating independently. It's like one o' them fancy neon signs that moves and turns in the night, only the lights are burned out on the tubing in my brain.

My brain is Jell-O that never got to harden, then somebody went and threw canned fruit in there, and that ain't right. Now it's lopsided and lumpy, metallic grape here and shriveled mandarin orange there, and what the fuck fruit is that supposed to be? Really?

Someone's obviously had the top of my skull off and made off with important pieces/parts. If you have the missing chunks of my brain, I urge you to return them to me unharmed, and no questions will be asked. Well, okay, I might ask you what happened during the first half of General Hospital today while I was passed out on the couch.

Now I shall stop my typed babbling, and leave you with a photo of me needing a haircut.

Incoherent? You bet your aslvbaaiwegnse!

14 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger I'm not here. said...

Oh my got spammed.
Don't you just hate those bastids?
BTW, when you find your brain, let me know if mine is around the area because I haven't been able to remember jak schitt all day.
Like the real estate freak said, Don't stop now, Bucky...Superstar!
*finished babbling, retreats back into cave for medication*

7:36 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Kranki said...

There must be a brain amusement park somewhere. A place where they all go for fun and excitement. Mine is in the line up for the mini donuts.

7:50 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger SWSNBN said...

I could tell you what happened on GH, if I had watched it already. I know, sacrilege! =)

8:09 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Mine is restfully peacefully, full of brownies.

8:10 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Candy said...

Oh yeah, dont stop now! I am being more enlightend by the second, and its good baby, its soooo good.

Mmm jello, I made brain jello for halloween once, its yummy.

Mmmm brains, mmmm jello


8:12 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Holy shit I love me some brownies!

9:21 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger I'm not here. said...

mmm..brownies *drools*

9:40 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Susie said...

Holy shit I love me some brownies!

I like that as the official greeting at your home and squirl's.

That mystery fruit in your brain would be a PEAR. Bosch, I believe.

9:48 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Clearly I need to find myself firmly planted in the bakery section this weekend. Mmmm.

10:05 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger eclectic said...

Holy shit I love me some brownies and this is a real enlightening blog. Don't stop baby, I'm almost enlightened.

Or something like that, I guess. I just wanna fit in, is that so wrong?

11:30 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

Eclectic, the brownies were over at my place and they're almost gone.

1:23 AM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Anon - oh, I'm not stoppin' now. And I WILL pay whenever I want.

M_D - I saw pieces of my brain skittering into a sewer grate this morning; surely your brain would have better sense than that, right?

Kranki - ooooh, if your brain gets my brain some mini donuts, my brain will bring your brain a really good cup of coffee to go with that.

She who...don't feel bad. Sometimes I tape two or three days' worth of shows and then just have a husband-irritatin' GH marathon. It's fuuuuun!

Squirl - your brain never rests peacefully. Even when you say it is, it's busy whirrin' around, thinkin' up Squirl evil. So don't even try to pull that shit around here, missy.

Jess - after you're sufficiently enlightened (code for "when the humpin' is done"), could you dump some of that brain Jell-O into my screwtop skull? It's just as good as anything that was stolen outta there, I'd wager. AND I'M NOT STOPPING!

(god, you people are demanding)

Mr. B - if you want brownies 'round here, you gotta work for 'em. We don't just hand 'em out like at Squirl's digs - you have to eat the brownies off my bare ass while you juggle fruited Jell-O.

M_D - well, you see what I told Mr. B about the brownies?

Susie - ewwwwww! I can handle grapes in my head, mandarin oranges, maybe even a chunk or two of pineapple. But, by gumby, I draw the line at pears pieces in my head. It's gritty, it's gritty, get it outta there!

Mr. B - you sure you don't wanna eat that brownie that's balanced on my bare ass?

Mrtl - well, what else am I supposed to do with a baby?

Eclectic - et too, Eclectic? I'll NEVER be able to stop if you people have your ways.
And see what I told Mr. B about the brownies.

Squirl - what the fuck where you doin' up at 1:23 a.m.?

7:42 AM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Girl.A said...

I have seriously always wondered how they peel those mandarin oranges anyway. HOW!?

Is it a tiny Asian kid, tield to a chair, peeling peelng peeling until their poor fingers fall off? I can't eat them. They seem like the product of sweatshops, obviously.

And if they are NOT peeled by tiny humans strapped to chairs, then we are fucking in for it. Because if we are forcing robots to peel all our mandarin oranges for us, then they really are going to try to kick our homosapien jello-eating asses and take over the world.

[p.s. someadventure is coming back to life]

7:48 AM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Girl-A - you see why I'm so afraid of the mandarin oranges?
And welcome back to Blogsylvania! You've been missed by us disturbed mofos!

9:04 AM, September 08, 2005  

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