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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Delivery from left field

Groovy laundry

Rainy day at the laundromat?
My best monkey says, "Hey, fuck that!"
Grab some Twinkies and a lime
It's pucker up and get creamy time!

Did I ever once promise to make sense?

14 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger Candy said...

He put the lime in the coconut and drank it all up.

2:19 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Nope. You never promised to make sense. You also never promised me a rose garden. I'm a thornless, senseless bastard. Thanks ever so much!!

7:21 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Susie said...

This gives me a strange urge to stop at the laundromat today (?)

How DID you win that Best Monkey award? That looks like a Major Award. Who awarded you that? hmmmmm...

8:04 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Unknown said...

Put the lime in the Coke, you nut!

8:49 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Unknown said...

Uh, Bloggy... I don't think you can blame that on Bucky...

9:05 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Can too!


Mean ole Bucky!

9:15 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Your nuts.
Ya hurrd?

10:34 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Squirl said...

Such poetry, such imagery.

10:38 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger eclectic said...

You let your best monkey play with twinkies at the laundromat unsupervised? Somebody's going to take custody of your monkey away if you keep doing that.

10:55 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Amy said...

you make funny. You don't need to make cents.

10:58 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Phoebe Fay said...

"Making sense" is highly overrated.

11:50 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Effie said...

Pretty pic. Interesting poem. Do you have anything for poetry corner? Teehee

3:33 PM, April 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch those Twinkies, kid! My ex-wife used to say that they have so many preservatives in them that their shelf life is 10,000 years.

6:04 AM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger Maven said...

To appeal to the monkey in you, I just figure I'd let you know that Twinkies brought back (perhaps for a limited time) their banana cream Twinkies.

Did you know that ORIGINALLY the cream in Twinkies WAS banana cream, and due to a banana shortage during WWII, they switched to the current, vanilla?

11:50 AM, April 07, 2006  

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