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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lazy Bucky's quickies

  • Project Runway is moving to Lifetime Network? Dear lord, now I need to stop sending hate mail to Lifetime. Maybe they got tired of being the spokeschannel for weepy bitches.

  • Last night, I dreamed that I was at a big food festival. I was carrying a plate of chow and a glass of beer, and walking in high heels (I told you it was a dream). When the ground turned to plexiglass under my feet, of course I slipped and fell...but didn't spill my beer! I guess even in my dreams, I can keep my priorities straight.

  • Eeyore just grabbed a partial potato chip out of my hand and happily ate it. I haven't seen him that excited about my food since he realized that there is tuna in those pouches I open.

  • Sweeney Todd gives a whole new meaning to Manwich.

  • I love cream cheese, but I detest cheesecake. Go figure.

  • Right now, I'd like to viciously stab the silly-ass balloon that is the romantic myth of the starving artist. I find no inspiration in being broke. It's neither cool nor hip to have no idea where the next dollar is coming from. In fact, being unemployed and having no income has had the effect of hollowing me out, artistically speaking. Once somebody hires me, I'm sure there are a million ideas that are hiding under my panic, waiting to be released by a regular paycheck. Until then, you'll get lame lists like this from me.

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Blogger Flying Mermaid said...

I'm so afraid of finding out about that starving artist thing -- I'm almost there, Fuck! Got so many collections agencies breathing down my throat, and am just letting the dream flow in the A.....

2:02 AM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

Damn Bucky. Is there anything I can do to help?

8:29 AM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Squirl said...

Plexiglas and high heels are not a good combination for anybody, much less those of us with the klutz gene.

I've got my fingers crossed so hard for you to get a job that it's hard to type. :-(

11:16 AM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger I'm not here. said...

They are the spokeschannel for that sort of crap, aren't they? No wonder I can't watch that shit.

Good job, Bucky. What kind of beer?

Yay, Eeyore! I like him, he's a character. :)

Oh, yes...that is a great film. He can sing, too. Still wouldn't want one of those 'pies'...ew.

Perhaps it's too much of a good thing, that cheesecake. Too sweet? It makes me gag because it's just too much of everything.

I'm sorry, Bucky. *hands over a metaphorical balloon-popper*

12:03 PM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Mermaid - Yeah, I've had several conversations with bill collectors of late. To my surprise, they haven't tried to bully me. Here's to non-starving artists!

CKelli - You are sweet! It would be really helpful if you came over and brought some Long John Silver's. Mmmmmm, I love their greasy greasy fish.

Squirl - If you cross the fingers on one hand, do the fingers on the other hand cross as well? ;)

M_D - Great movie, but I reallly could have done without the creepy crawlies in the pie shop.
Eeyore is such a bossy character! I'm his bitch and he knows it.

1:21 PM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

The clowns keep me on a tight leash, but if you come on down, I'd be more than happy to buy you lunch. Anything you want at LJS. My treat. And I promise not to try to throw you into the back of the externally flameless Mommyvan... again.

2:10 PM, April 09, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only person on the planet who loves cream cheese, yet, cannot stand the taste of cheesecake. It's nice to know I'm no longer alone on this one.

~Like squirl, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

2:28 PM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Squirl said...

Bucky, the answer to that question is: Yes! But kind of spastically...

8:20 PM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Opera Gal said...

BFE - email me, ok?

6:13 AM, April 10, 2008  
Blogger here today, gone tomorrow said...

Fingers crossed, too!

10:38 AM, April 10, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

You saved the beer when you fell, but what about the plate of food?

Eeyore chomped on a potato chip? Eeyore is strange. He should stick to tuna.

I love cheesecake, but I detest cream cheese.

I agree that it is neither cool nor hip not to know where the next dollar is coming from. I’ve been there and never want to return.

Blessings for finding that income, dear Bucky.

5:06 PM, April 12, 2008  
Blogger Birdlips said...


The ad agency is calling your name.........
Crash at my joint until you find a place.........

HO! HO! HO! Green Giant

I'm Lovin' It.


6:45 PM, April 13, 2008  
Blogger Annejelynn said...

"I love cream cheese, but I detest cheesecake. Go figure."

how can this be!?!

12:18 PM, April 16, 2008  

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