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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh, like you could resist


Fucker had it comin'.

29 of you felt the overwhelming need to say somethin':

Blogger LadyBug said...

He totally had it comin'. I mean, just LOOK at the way he's lookin' at you.


9:06 PM, July 21, 2005  
Blogger Nilbo said...

Pfft. Girlie punch.

10:34 PM, July 21, 2005  
Blogger Mahala said...

Hmmm.. more giant bunnies.. Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, now I'll have nightmares about her in assless chaps.

11:11 PM, July 21, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't hit it TOO hard, Bucky...or you'll be going home to Jim, softly weeping and saying "The rabbit died...the rabbit died..." (reference will be obscure, at best, to those under 40)

12:19 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

POW! 'The Bucky' strikes again

1:05 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Candy said...

Hey I am under 40 and I know what the rabbit died means. I've listened to Aerosmith, I saw that episode of Mash, phew she got lucky!

Hey Bucky, I didnt know you were a bunny puncher, should I be nervous? Are you a hoppity humper? A rabbit raper? Here comes Peter Cottontail, stuffed and tied to your car's grill?

Sick man, sick. Bunny bumper.

3:24 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

LadyBug - you sure you wouldn't just like to bring Deputy Dad's Glock and help me finish him off once and for all? We all know you're capable now...

Nilbo - Bet you wouldn't call that a girlie punch, at least not in your regular voice, if it connected with your boy bits.
But don't worry - I won't punch you. Only spankings as deserved.

Romani heart - Heh heh, Through the Looking Chaps?

Dazed - Buddy, if I come home announcing the rabbit died, you can just book yourself a flight to my funeral!

Song - would you prefer to be referred to henceforth as "the Song"?

Jess - I should think you, of all people, would know if I were a rabbit raper.
That's not to say you shouldn't be worried, mind you.

7:37 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Kitty, I was too slow!

But you're right about the DHHH. He just pissed me off and pushed me over the edge.

The edge of Wuss Cliff.

7:38 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Squirl said...

I would be afraid if I were that bunny.

9:46 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger eclectic said...

I bet Easter's no fun at your house...

10:35 AM, July 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Four Eyes,

Animals are not on this planet for your amusement.

First the monkeys, now the bunnies?

We will be boycotting your website until further notice.

10:58 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Squirl - that's NOTHIN' compared to what Tweety Bird is gonna get...

Eclectic - Peter Cottontail doesn't dare hippity-hop down MY bunny trail.

Good people of PETA - Can't we all just get a schlong? Seriously, you and I could have a nice, civilized meeting, say, over some filet mignon or - even better! - some tender, melt-in-your-mouth veal.
Because, frankly, I believe that animals WERE put on this planet for my amusement, sexual or otherwise.
And cry me a river for that fuckin' monkey. For every time I smack the monkey hard enough to make a noise, there are ten occasions where I pet the monkey very gently and with much compassion. My monkey is quite a pampered, spoiled monkey, thank you very much.

You're boycotting me? I'll boycott your ass. Ha! That showed 'em.

11:27 AM, July 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be a hook? A jab? You can tell that there is zero force in that blow. You need to work on your swing. lol

I saw this site a while back and thought of you [click my name] The assless chaps, they have something in common with these hip waders. And yet, they speak of another world.

Do you think the guy with the beard is Osama, after the facial reconstruction?

11:52 AM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Girl.A! Good to see ya, sicko pervy girl. We missed ya 'round these parts.

Yes, that is in fact a rather powerless wussie "punch." Hey, I didn't wanna damage my hand on the rigid bunny. LIttle did I know I would soon injure that same hand on some rigid concrete.
Let's just say Mike Tyson is not tremblin' in his straightjacket at the thought of me.

Those pictures are, um, somethin' else. I feel positively wholesome in my chaps after seein' the hip waders.
And I don't think Osama ever displayed quite that much junk. I don't think he'd be as angry at us if he had junk like that.

12:19 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Nilbo said...

I just clicked on girl a.'s name. Please pass the bleach and an eyecup.

12:23 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Mahala said...

That dude on girl.a's site is gonna have some serious chaffing.. he'll be buying stock in Gold Bond powder.

12:36 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...



12:42 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

and the visions of chain mail running around in my head right now just prove the idea I've had of late that it's not a good idea to visit The Buckys comments just before I go to bed. Oh, the horror! Oh the chafing!

and, no The Bucky, I am just a plain old little s song :)

12:44 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger SierraBella said...

The rabbit deserved it- it looks like he was putting his giant paw on your purse (or is it a camera bag?)
You should have cut off his foot and made a really huge keychain attachment.

12:53 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Opera Gal said...

girl.a skirred me

1:13 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Song - now, you can't blame me for the chain mail. But trust me, I can find other, equally disturbing thoughts for you.
You should see the stuff I DON'T publish.

Sierrabella - you know, I tried, but my saw just wouldn't take his paw off.

Uh oh, here comes PETA again...

1:15 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Opera gal, I missed you!

Yeah, that link was pretty skirry. Specially the Gimp mask.


1:24 PM, July 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We at People for the Ethical Treatment of Waders find offense to your site.

We too, will be boycotting you.

1:31 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

Dear PETW: Your threatened boycott leaves me speechless.

Well, not really.

In fact, please DO boycott, and take your scrawny-but-well-hung spokesgeezer with you.

1:35 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger LadyBug said...

You'll never forgive me for shooting that damn monkey, will you, Bucky?

1:53 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Nilbo said...

(Rinsing eyes) Ah, better. And I think you're drawing conclusions that aren't necessarily supported by the evidence, Bucky. I mean, from my brief agonized glances, it looked like what you could see was what *covered* his junk, not his junk its own self. Hey, if I slam my junk in a school desk, does that make it educated?

It's like the guy in my high school who heard the thing about guys with large feet. He bought bigger shoes and stuffed them with jockstraps.

2:01 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Katy Barzedor said...

LadyBug - I don't soon forgive/forget someone who shoots my monkey dead.

Nilbo - If you slam your junk in a school desk, it will certainly be educated. Educated to avoid open desk drawers henceforth.

2:08 PM, July 22, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sure he had it coming...just look at how he's dressed?!

4:05 PM, July 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OBVIOUSLY the smug sonofabitch had it comin'! He's lucky that's ALL he got.

4:58 AM, July 27, 2005  

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